Four Lies for the Moral

Are the people of this village wrong to abandon this child because of their mythology? Should we challenge the anti-intellectual mythologies of the past we deem harmful? Who decides what is harmful?

Looking at you: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahá’í Faith, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Slavic neopaganism, Celtic polytheism, Heathenism, Semitic neopaganism, Wicca, Kemetism, Hellenism, Italo-Roman neopaganism, etc.

While the ruling class in the Western world will have you believe that Christianity is sensible and thousands of other ideologies are not only incorrect, but dangerous, in a mosque not far away, an entire generation of people are being taught the opposite, that their faith is true, that Allah gives them authority Christians or Jews simply do not have…

The danger of anti-intellectualism is how quickly the “moral” can be convinced of lies that even their own religion explicitly warns them of. How do we sort out the mess?

A few of these lies are:

God is not so great.

Think small, your God is not the creator of all things and therefore people or places that look different must belong to someone else’s God or must be Godless. It’s best not to even learn about the other or you could be contaminated by their ideas. This lie attacks the idea of love and unity, most Gods seem to love variety, more so in beetles than humans, but Allah and God being the same concept in different languages, seems incomprehensible when you’ve been tainted by this lie.

There are over 400,000 varieties of beetles, none of them go to church, all of them loved by their creator.

God needs your defense.

You have a mighty and all powerful God you must submit yourself to, else suffer for eternity. Despite this however, you’ll need to take the world to task for the sin of others because, who else is going to do it?

Ignoring the observable laws of nature that have resulted in every aspect of the natural world around you, including your own birth and death, you’ve been called on to act, like a soldier, your calling likely involves protecting the financial interests of someone else, as your Lord would command you just faithful enough…

This lie attacks undermines faith and forgiveness, both essential to a healthy mentality… When you can’t trust God’s judgement, it seems perfectly reasonable to execute the mentally handicapped in Texas, something they’ve become known for, or to be confident that AIDS is a punishment for homosexuality. Remember, God punishes others on full display for you see, as an ambiguous lesson to you personally. After all, it’s all about you and what offends you.

When in doubt, this lier is quick to feed the ego, nothing does this better than modern media, especially in support of conflict.

There is an afterlife or reckoning.

The promise of an after-life, or the implication that creation is just the first step in your existence, it’s the next life to really concern yourself with, be it 72 virgins, reincarnation as a beetle, or the promise of everlasting life.

The ultimate point to get across here is that the alleviation of suffering is beyond the realm of your control and the responsibility to usher about the world you wish to occupy lies elsewhere. The day of judgement and reckoning always occurs in the future, just over the horizon, and this battle against “dark forces” has never been more critical than the short moment in history that you happen to be alive, you’re the star.

It makes sense that you would have to slave most of your life away or struggle to feed yourself while a handful of others have access to more resources than they could dream to consume because long suffering washes your sins away in the next life.

So easily confused with submitting yourself to God, the promise of a better tomorrow always seems to come from those living a better today, both pastors and politicians. This lie attacks the most important aspect to human divinity, presence, and the nature of Godliness that we hold within us, the power to reshape our world. Those with their unfair share of resources, often those destroying the Earth’s resources are quick to dismiss your demand for an equal share. The explanation for why YOU should submit comes quickly in the form of law and decree with twisted words and mental gymnastics, all of it a sort of promise for a tomorrow that never comes.

The truth is, all creatures are endowed with a degree of conscious choice and judgement waits for no one. The consequences of your actions are real today, impact an infinite number of future generations and cascade forever. Don’t wait for that raise, vindication in media, next diet fad, or political movement, you are a movement, this is your judgement, have faith, be truthful, be courageous in a scientific body of evidence which guarantees eternal life is already yours. Suffering is a natural part of life and we choose much of our suffering unconsciously.


Sin, or the devil, the accuser, the enemy or anything that offends us is an external force. We’re taught how to spot sin, often in support of each of the lies above. We are taught sin is an action, a verb, something you commit, if your parents have it, you will. Sin is something you are born with it, you can wear it, you can wash it off with the right actions, a well crafted monologue, only through the father, but also with tithing.

The joke is on you, you are the accuser. The more certain your morality, the bigger the devil you become. The trap of sin occurs when we teach one another how to determine good from evil, right from wrong, our God from theirs… Refer to the Old Testament and take note that the tree Adam was forbidden to eat from was called the tree knowledge of good and evil. This tree has many branches, all of them leading the most moral among us to commit the worst of atrocities in the name of righteousness.

In this context, sin is the very accusations we make about what is right and what is wrong. There is no sin in the lion hunting and killing the isolated zebra, this is nature, and so are we.

Overturning this lie is the hardest of all, because on the surface it leads to all sorts of interesting questions about how one ought to behave and what drives human morality. Unexplored those questions permit those unencumbered by your dogma to draw a devil shaped box around ideas or people that might otherwise have you thinking critically. Both fundamentalist Muslims and evangelical Christians have been compelled to burn books (or people) in an attempt to defeat an enemy that emanates from within but was branded an idea or person by someone with something to gain…

Again, take note of those claiming to know God’s plan, often they’ve spoken to him personally, while you’ve had to settle for your faith, less you test the Lord. If one seems more offended by human sexuality than human suffering, consider this a red flag. If one thinks it more obscene to die for your cause in submission than to kill for it in violence, consider this a nation flag.